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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Up and Running Again!

Horseguards and the finishers area... I was so proud - That's Dad with his chocolate Gold Medal!  Couldn't have done it without Dad!

Lloydy and me at the Expo!  Can't believe we're here!

As if you hadn't heard enough about my exploits I have taken the brave decision to bore you all once again with my running blog!  I have, yet again, missed out on the ballot for London 2013 which would have meant me getting a free place.  I have however, secured a charity place again for the British Heart Foundation.  As you're all aware this charity means a lot to me so I'm more than happy to attempt raising my pledge of £2000 once again.  That's an awful lot of money in such tough economic times, but I have to say how I was totally impressed with everyone's generosity for this year's marathon and I'm hopeful, you'll all help me out again for 2012. 

Post race massage from Dizzie Rascal! x
 I'm going to try to be a bit more inventive with my fundraising this time.  I'm thinking along the lines of 'Curry and Quiz' nights, random coffee mornings with lots of cake and a charity mountain climb up Pen-Y-Fan.  We had a fun time climbing Pen y Fan last Winter - I think the detour back to Penderyn Whiskey Distillery helped as an incentive!!

18 Miles and I was so glad to see Colin, Dad and the kids x  On my wrist (in black and red stripes, is a mile by mile reminder of people I was running for.  Every mile marker was a different person...kept me going
Training has started in earnest!  I have a training partner which is really good news to be honest because I can't make excuses when it's raining, snowing or when I'm generally lazy!  Nigel is running for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young).  He's a good friend and a neighbour so this makes organising our runs quite easy.  I think we're about the same pace at the moment so that's another advantage.  Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings we hit the track at Cwrt Herbert at 6am.  We're into our 3rd week now and I've got to say I'm really enjoying it.  Today was our first 'Long Run'.  As you remember from this year's training, every Sunday we MUST attempt a long run.  This has to get progressively longer each Sunday until we reach about 20 miles (hopefully about 4 weeks before the Marathon next year).  The mid week runs are normally between 5k - 10k. As well as my running, I am swimming regularly to help with recovery.  My legs are achy as hell at the moment so I'm hoping as the weeks go by, I'll get stronger and less 'arthritic'!

Dad is still on standby with his bike.  He's had a bad dose of flu lately so I'll wait a few weeks before I start nagging him.  We really need him to carry the Welsh cakes!

Anyway enough for now...drop in every now and again - would love to hear from you XXX

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