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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Runday!

10 miles - outdoor - 1150 calories!! 

 Neath Canal

I had a great night's sleep, 9 hours! I haven't had that much sleep in ages so I was raring to get going this morning.  Sunday for runners is the 'long run' day.  My brother, Richard, agreed to keep me company this morning and we managed a cool 10 miles!  We ran up the Neath Canal - absolutely beautiful! All the leaves are gorgeous Autumn colours now.  While I was running, I was thinking that most of my training over the last 12 months has been on that canal...Ive seen all the four seasons and I never get tired of it!  I really feel I'm running home, weird I know, must be the peanut butter! There are lots of runners out on that route and I see the same dog walkers every sunday!  


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the bucket collection at half time yesterday at Neath Rugby.  We managed to raise £302 which makes a real dent in my target!  I'm at 37% of the £1500 now.  I've lots more events planned over the next few months so I'll hopefully reach my target ahead of the marathon.

Anyway, time to put my feet up and look forward to a well earned Sunday lunch.
Have a great week everybody!


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Where did the week go? x

7k - 500 calories - Treadmill

Alys and I had a fab time in London although we ate far too many cupcakes!  Had a wonderful afternoon tea at the Waldorf too!  I was very eager to get back to the gym this morning if only to ease the guilt! I ran with Gemma, and having a chat while we ran soon ate away at the milage and before I knew it I'd put away 7k!
 I've made some enquiries about joining the Wales Women's Running Club - a bit scary joining a club as I'm not the fastest runner but I'm hoping it'll inspire me to run faster and longer, and it's also great to have some company on longer runs.

I'm hoping to attempt a long run this sunday if I can persuade my dad to get his bike out and come with me but I've got to get through tomorrow night's Murder at the Four Deuces party first.  The milage depends on my hangover status!  I've got a great costume from my good mate Kirstie Dunworth.  She's got 1000's of beautiful vintage costumes for hire for parties, photoshoots and theatrical stuff.  I'll post some photos after the event.

I've got a busy saturday planned too.  Neath Rugby have allowed me to have the bucket collection at half time between Neath and Pontypridd.  I've got a team of Alys and Sam's friends to help me but there's always room for more!  If you fancy helping me for 20 minutes on Saturday afternoon I can provide you with a British Heart Foundation T-Shirt and official collection bucket.  Hopefully the Neath and Ponty supporters will be generous and I can get closer to my marathon target!

Enough for today...time to do some ironing!!

have a great Thursday guys,..

Cerys x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Day 3...

7k - 500 calories - treadmill

Got up really early this morning.  6am on a Sunday! Madness - you'd think with all this exercise I'd sleep better but I don't! I do like getting up really early though but always fall asleep by 9pm!  Not a party animal at all.

 I was very impressed by France's performance in the final of the rugby - I guess all those insults being hurled at them this past week has really fired them up.  I eventually got to the gym by 11am, fuelled by 3 croissants!  Managed to hold my composure on the treadmill until McCaw lifted the Cup...then I was a blubbering wreck!  I'm sure I'm going to be asked to leave soon.  Nobody else seems to find the gym as emotionally moving as I do! Anyway, I think the 500 calories I burned is only one croissant! Dam those French! So I'm carrying an extra 1000 calories today which would be fine if we were about to be snowed in and there was no food in the fridge! Alas it's 16 degrees and there's Beef Bourginion for dinner!

 I have to remind myself that my motivation isn't weight loss - it's fitness, but after suffering the torturous humiliation of being the fattest, curviest (and happiest!) runner in Paris I vowed that I would attempt to look like a runner for London ( skinny, compression sock-wearing, and smothered in vaseline from head to toe perchance I get the dreaded 'jogger's nipple'!)  I've noticed only fast runner's have bleeding nipples so that's another reason to 'jog' gracefully wearing 3 sports bras and as little 'simple harmonic motion' as is possible!  For goodness sake - I'll have the same medal as Mo Farrah so what's the rush!

Enough from me for 2 days...I'm going to rest! My next run is planned for wednesday so I'll catch up with y'all then!


Cerys x

p.s. That's not me BTW!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day Two!

Day 2 - 7k - 500 calories
Felt really excited this morning! New trainers! I bought some brand spanking new Saucony Jazz trainers yesterday and couldn't wait to get going in them! Sad, I could swear I was good at this running malarky but as my good mate Lloyd says to me...
'All the gear - no idea!'

Sums me up tbh!  I love all the running stuff in 'Up and Running' on High Street.  I get so excited looking at all the trainers and for that little moment when I'm gazing around the shop, I feel like a real runner! I also bought some more 'Zero' tablets that I drop into my water bottle.  They're fantastic for energy and stopping me having a stitch.  What really got my interest though, was the new packaging on the 'Zero' - it said that the tablets also burn 41% more fat when you're running! How the hell does that happen?  I bought 2 packs so I could conduct some serious research!

I managed much more mileage than I'd planned today.  I hoped to do a 5k, but ended up doing 7k because I was watching the Swans v Wolves on the TV while I was on the treadmill.  Think I'm going to have to run every time the Swans play.  I nearly feel off the tread when Danny Graham scored though and  letting out a loud 'yessssssssssssss' drew lots of unecessary attention!

I think I've earned my 'Peroni' tonight though.  We're off to the theatre to see 'Lord of the Flies'.  An early start tomorrow for the rugby World Cup Final too.  Don't tell Col but I've got a tenner on France at 14-1 ( did it at the start of the World Cup) so it's croissants and hot cholcolate for breakfast! 

Think I may wear my Paris Marathon T- shirt in support!!

 Allez Les Bleu!

Au revoir mes amies...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Day one of Blog!

As if anybody is interested!

' Middle-aged mum of 2 gives blow by blow account of mundane everyday happenings!'

Ok..I am middle-aged (Grrr...) but my life is far from 'mundane'. In fact I feel I'm watching a blinkin' soap opera sometimes!  Right, get to the point girl!
I'm going to attempt a blog - an accompaniment to my training for the London Marathon 2012. It's a huge challenge for me so having this cyber-diary will be a bit of a motivator, regardless of whether anybody is remotely interested or not!  So I may be just talking to myself....or millions. 
ok...the facts

London Marathon - Aprill 22nd 2012
That's a lifetime away, but in training terms it's just around the corner!
Actually it's 6 months this Sunday.  I've got myself a training plan from and I'm going to follow it as best I can.  I'm going to try and set myself 'little' goals but I have to confess that i'm pants at sticking to things and love to always be at a tangent! Goal number one is to drink less!! I don't really drink that much already but I'm going to try not drinking on a school night.  Don't want to be too hasty with this, so I'll start next wednesday! Break myself in slowly incase I go all 'Peter Barlow'!

Today's Run
7.30am Cwrt Herbert Track: 3 Laps:  225 calories

Really quiet and a bit chilly.  I managed 3 laps this morning as I'm still recovering from Cardiff Half Marathon last sunday.  I have some boney pain on the top of my left foot which I think is down to the trainers I wore last sunday.  I don't like running round the track much, as I have to run past my car all the time and the temptation to jump in and drive off is absolutely huge! I'm going to try harder tomorrow.  5 laps before the rugby!

Enough chat for today...bit of a boring start to my blog!  Maybe I shouldn't give up the wine and write this after a glass of Shiraz!

Have a great weekend...Cerys x