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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Day 3...

7k - 500 calories - treadmill

Got up really early this morning.  6am on a Sunday! Madness - you'd think with all this exercise I'd sleep better but I don't! I do like getting up really early though but always fall asleep by 9pm!  Not a party animal at all.

 I was very impressed by France's performance in the final of the rugby - I guess all those insults being hurled at them this past week has really fired them up.  I eventually got to the gym by 11am, fuelled by 3 croissants!  Managed to hold my composure on the treadmill until McCaw lifted the Cup...then I was a blubbering wreck!  I'm sure I'm going to be asked to leave soon.  Nobody else seems to find the gym as emotionally moving as I do! Anyway, I think the 500 calories I burned is only one croissant! Dam those French! So I'm carrying an extra 1000 calories today which would be fine if we were about to be snowed in and there was no food in the fridge! Alas it's 16 degrees and there's Beef Bourginion for dinner!

 I have to remind myself that my motivation isn't weight loss - it's fitness, but after suffering the torturous humiliation of being the fattest, curviest (and happiest!) runner in Paris I vowed that I would attempt to look like a runner for London ( skinny, compression sock-wearing, and smothered in vaseline from head to toe perchance I get the dreaded 'jogger's nipple'!)  I've noticed only fast runner's have bleeding nipples so that's another reason to 'jog' gracefully wearing 3 sports bras and as little 'simple harmonic motion' as is possible!  For goodness sake - I'll have the same medal as Mo Farrah so what's the rush!

Enough from me for 2 days...I'm going to rest! My next run is planned for wednesday so I'll catch up with y'all then!


Cerys x

p.s. That's not me BTW!!

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