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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Runday!

10 miles - outdoor - 1150 calories!! 

 Neath Canal

I had a great night's sleep, 9 hours! I haven't had that much sleep in ages so I was raring to get going this morning.  Sunday for runners is the 'long run' day.  My brother, Richard, agreed to keep me company this morning and we managed a cool 10 miles!  We ran up the Neath Canal - absolutely beautiful! All the leaves are gorgeous Autumn colours now.  While I was running, I was thinking that most of my training over the last 12 months has been on that canal...Ive seen all the four seasons and I never get tired of it!  I really feel I'm running home, weird I know, must be the peanut butter! There are lots of runners out on that route and I see the same dog walkers every sunday!  


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the bucket collection at half time yesterday at Neath Rugby.  We managed to raise £302 which makes a real dent in my target!  I'm at 37% of the £1500 now.  I've lots more events planned over the next few months so I'll hopefully reach my target ahead of the marathon.

Anyway, time to put my feet up and look forward to a well earned Sunday lunch.
Have a great week everybody!


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