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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day Two!

Day 2 - 7k - 500 calories
Felt really excited this morning! New trainers! I bought some brand spanking new Saucony Jazz trainers yesterday and couldn't wait to get going in them! Sad, I could swear I was good at this running malarky but as my good mate Lloyd says to me...
'All the gear - no idea!'

Sums me up tbh!  I love all the running stuff in 'Up and Running' on High Street.  I get so excited looking at all the trainers and for that little moment when I'm gazing around the shop, I feel like a real runner! I also bought some more 'Zero' tablets that I drop into my water bottle.  They're fantastic for energy and stopping me having a stitch.  What really got my interest though, was the new packaging on the 'Zero' - it said that the tablets also burn 41% more fat when you're running! How the hell does that happen?  I bought 2 packs so I could conduct some serious research!

I managed much more mileage than I'd planned today.  I hoped to do a 5k, but ended up doing 7k because I was watching the Swans v Wolves on the TV while I was on the treadmill.  Think I'm going to have to run every time the Swans play.  I nearly feel off the tread when Danny Graham scored though and  letting out a loud 'yessssssssssssss' drew lots of unecessary attention!

I think I've earned my 'Peroni' tonight though.  We're off to the theatre to see 'Lord of the Flies'.  An early start tomorrow for the rugby World Cup Final too.  Don't tell Col but I've got a tenner on France at 14-1 ( did it at the start of the World Cup) so it's croissants and hot cholcolate for breakfast! 

Think I may wear my Paris Marathon T- shirt in support!!

 Allez Les Bleu!

Au revoir mes amies...

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