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Friday, 21 October 2011

Day one of Blog!

As if anybody is interested!

' Middle-aged mum of 2 gives blow by blow account of mundane everyday happenings!'

Ok..I am middle-aged (Grrr...) but my life is far from 'mundane'. In fact I feel I'm watching a blinkin' soap opera sometimes!  Right, get to the point girl!
I'm going to attempt a blog - an accompaniment to my training for the London Marathon 2012. It's a huge challenge for me so having this cyber-diary will be a bit of a motivator, regardless of whether anybody is remotely interested or not!  So I may be just talking to myself....or millions. 
ok...the facts

London Marathon - Aprill 22nd 2012
That's a lifetime away, but in training terms it's just around the corner!
Actually it's 6 months this Sunday.  I've got myself a training plan from and I'm going to follow it as best I can.  I'm going to try and set myself 'little' goals but I have to confess that i'm pants at sticking to things and love to always be at a tangent! Goal number one is to drink less!! I don't really drink that much already but I'm going to try not drinking on a school night.  Don't want to be too hasty with this, so I'll start next wednesday! Break myself in slowly incase I go all 'Peter Barlow'!

Today's Run
7.30am Cwrt Herbert Track: 3 Laps:  225 calories

Really quiet and a bit chilly.  I managed 3 laps this morning as I'm still recovering from Cardiff Half Marathon last sunday.  I have some boney pain on the top of my left foot which I think is down to the trainers I wore last sunday.  I don't like running round the track much, as I have to run past my car all the time and the temptation to jump in and drive off is absolutely huge! I'm going to try harder tomorrow.  5 laps before the rugby!

Enough chat for today...bit of a boring start to my blog!  Maybe I shouldn't give up the wine and write this after a glass of Shiraz!

Have a great weekend...Cerys x


  1. Excellent start Hun! But have to ask.... A Wednesday start? Not heard that before! I will be following your blog as it will inspire me to run more too! Keep up the good work x

  2. Hello beautiful, am so excited for you. I may have to start getting fit too!
    Am now following,
    Becca xxx

  3. well done for making a start on the blog and the training! have you heard of hump day? i'll leave that one for you to answer before writing more about the drinking. annie in oz