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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Where did the week go? x

7k - 500 calories - Treadmill

Alys and I had a fab time in London although we ate far too many cupcakes!  Had a wonderful afternoon tea at the Waldorf too!  I was very eager to get back to the gym this morning if only to ease the guilt! I ran with Gemma, and having a chat while we ran soon ate away at the milage and before I knew it I'd put away 7k!
 I've made some enquiries about joining the Wales Women's Running Club - a bit scary joining a club as I'm not the fastest runner but I'm hoping it'll inspire me to run faster and longer, and it's also great to have some company on longer runs.

I'm hoping to attempt a long run this sunday if I can persuade my dad to get his bike out and come with me but I've got to get through tomorrow night's Murder at the Four Deuces party first.  The milage depends on my hangover status!  I've got a great costume from my good mate Kirstie Dunworth.  She's got 1000's of beautiful vintage costumes for hire for parties, photoshoots and theatrical stuff.  I'll post some photos after the event.

I've got a busy saturday planned too.  Neath Rugby have allowed me to have the bucket collection at half time between Neath and Pontypridd.  I've got a team of Alys and Sam's friends to help me but there's always room for more!  If you fancy helping me for 20 minutes on Saturday afternoon I can provide you with a British Heart Foundation T-Shirt and official collection bucket.  Hopefully the Neath and Ponty supporters will be generous and I can get closer to my marathon target!

Enough for today...time to do some ironing!!

have a great Thursday guys,..

Cerys x

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