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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

fuelled by Peroni and Welshcakes!

Hey, I did 14 miles on Sunday!  I think I could even have gone further, but I thought better of it!  Dad and I went all the way from my house up to Resolven along the canal.  What an absolutely fab day for running.  We set out at 8am and the sky was blue and the sun shining!  It was more like a May day, and not November! 

I had my trusty welshcake before venturing out - becoming a bit of a habit now! 
On Saturday night I also had a bottle of Peroni - OMG! I'm thinking of asking them to sponsor me for London....well I'm 'almost' Italian by the ammount of pasta I'm eating so I think I've got a great chance of them taking me on! I'm going to drop them a line - watch this space guys!

 I really enjoy forming new habits and convincing myself that I couldn't possibly break them on fate of death or worse, bleeding nipples!  So, my other little habit, is 'cake' afternoon with my lovely mate Becca from Fancy Vintage China.  We both have an hour to kill on a Monday, in between our teaching, so we've discovered a fab little coffee/cake shop on Bryn y Mor Road called 'One Shoe'! So every Monday for the last couple of weeks we've had Chocolate Brownies, Lemon Drizzle Cake and a truly scrumptious Carrot and Walnut cake.  There's no way I'm breaking this habit now and have secured it well into my training plan!  Well I did burn 1500 calories on Sunday so a little bit of cake is well deserved!
Most people actually lose weight whilst training for a marathon but I actually put on a stone training for Paris.  It's not the cake - it's all the bloody porridge! 
Anyway, here's to another great training week....and hopefully 15 miles on sunday.
Think I may give the scones a try on Monday!

Mucho love...

Cerys xxx

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